Here we answer the most common questions about EMS sprayer.

How much time do I save by using the EMS sprayer?

Depending on the number of training sessions you save up to 30 minutes per day.

How much space does the EMS sprayer need?

The footprint of the EMS Sprayer is just 30 x 30 cm! With the small space requirement the EMS Sprayer fits to every workplace solution! With a height of one meter, the EMS Sprayer can be attached to standard workstations or to any other electrode preparation table!

How is the EMS sprayer filled with water?

At the top the tank of the EMS sprayer has a lid that can be easily removed! Here the desired amount of water (approx. daily requirement) is filled up with a suitable carafe or a 10 litre watering can at the beginning of a working day.


At the end of the working day or the working week, the remaining amount of water in the tank of the EMS Sprayer should be as low as possible. At the beginning of the working day you fill up about the daily requirement with fresh, "new" water. This approach minimizes the amount of standing water during non-operational periods (overnight or at the weekend).


Rule of thumb: one set needs approx. 250ml water per training! Or, one liter of water can be used to moisten approx. 4 electrode sets sufficiently with water!

What effect does the filtered water and germ protection have on my electrodes?

Lime-reduced, "soft" water definitely minimizes the load and wear of the EMS electrodes due to limescale deposits.

The active control of bacteria, germs, microorganisms and the so-called microfilm reduces the contamination and odour formation of the EMS electrodes. Less cleaning effort in turn reduces textile wear when washing the electrodes!

The antibacterial protection with silver ions not only protects the tank and the water-bearing components of the EMS sprayer, but also your EMS electrodes!

What are the running costs for consumables?

The costs for filters and antibacterial protection are less than 8,- Euro per month! 

What is the power consumption of the EMS Sprayer?

The pump has an output of 28 watts when pumping. At 12.000 trainings per year electricity costs of 1,-€ per year would arise.

The LED light has an output of 8 watts at full brightness. With 12 hours on per day this would be less than 8,-€ per year!

The water heater has an average power consumption of approx. 75 watts. Depending on the duration of use and the number of workouts, the energy requirement may vary quite a bit! With continuous operation/use from Jan to Dec the electricity costs are up to 100,-€ per year!


How maintenance-intensive is the EMS Sprayer?

The monthly change of the filter cartridge takes less than 3 minutes!

For the recommended annual cleaning of the tank and the water-bearing components, a maximum of half an hour of work is required!

How do I know if and when the tank has to be cleaned?

Unlike other tank solutions, the EMS Sprayer has a large opening to the transparent interior of the tank to allow the condition of the tank to be inspected. 


What happens in the case of malfunctions? Can I help myself?

Should problems or malfunctions really occur, you as the customer can actually solve everything yourself. Our operating manual and our support will help you! Should you still not succeed in eliminating the malfunction, we offer an uncomplicated maintenance and repair service (with pick-up service) and, if required, a loan device.

All components are exchangeable and can be replaced!

Just send us your unanswered question and we will get back to you as soon as possible?