Customer feedback

This is what operators and trainers report about the EMS-Sprayer:

Hans Vogel, Birdiefit Hannover:

"The endless spray bottle pumping finally has an END! The EMS Sprayer has now been in perfect use for three months. The handling is simple, the design is fantastic - an eye-catcher with the LED lighting. The delivery was fast and the service very friendly!

We now have more time for our customers and with the "inoculation" of the water a hygienic advantage over the competitors. Overall a really good investment! 




Marcus Huppertz, Körperformen Köln Ehrenfeld:

"The time saving with the EMS Sprayer alone is worth the investment! Trainers as well as members are absolutely excited about the EMS-Sprayer and nobody wants to miss it anymore. Regarding the hygienic aspect it has to be mentioned that we have completely eliminated the problem of the known " smell of the vests " since the use of the sprayer. Many thanks also for this dear EMS-Sprayer team"!



Inga Jurgele, EMS-Lounge Haßloch:

"Monatelang haben wir unsere Westen und Gurte mit Rumpflaschen befeuchtet. Das ging nur bis zu einer gewissen Mitgliederanzahl ganz gut. Ausserdem wollen wir unseren Kunden warme Elektroden und warmes Sprühwasser bieten, sodass wir alle halbe Stunde zum Wasser holen gegangen sind und dabei auch noch sehr, sehr viel Wasser verschwendet haben.

Jetzt haben wir den EMS-Sprayer, der für uns wirklich eine überragende Arbeitserleichterung darstellt. Mit dem EMS-Sprayer werden die Elektroden in wenigen Sekunden mit warmen Wasser vorbereitet. Danke für diese Entwicklung und Arbeitserleichterung - ich kenne keine bessere Lösung! Auch die Mitarbeiter sind damit sehr happy und können sich z.B. wesentlich besser auf das Kundengespräch konzentrieren!"




Roger Appert, you are EMS Personal Training:

"We have long considered whether we should buy the EMS Sprayer or pump 15 to 20 times a day as before.

In order to create arguments for our investment, we have measured the time we need to fill and inflate the pumping bottles (incl. walking to the sink and waiting for hot water).

This showed that per half hour, i.e. a double workout we need about 2.5 minutes, which often brought us into stress! If we multiply this by 15 trainings a day, we come to almost 40 minutes per day, during which we are completely stress-free and can take care of our customers.

Therefore the EMS Sprayer is our best investment of the last time! Thank you Achim".


Nico Fortenbacher, Bodystreet Herrenberg:

"NEVER EVER WITHOUT!!!!!!" is the feedback from Nico Fortenbacher from Bodystreet Herrenberg. "The EMS Sprayer is a super genius invention that makes our daily work much easier! No more annoying pumping, and when a trainer is alone he still stays on schedule thanks to the time-saving electrode preparation. The LED light is awesome - an absolute eye-catcher which is very well liked by our customers. Always warm water and therefore warm electrodes - it's a dream!

Andreas Schramm, Körperformen Füssen:

" Very practical, hygienic and time-saving to work with! Our members are always excited when we apply the EMS electrodes preheated with the EMS Sprayer. Not only the function fascinates us and our customers, but also the design of the EMS Sprayer. The filtering of the water and the active germ protection have achieved a significant improvement in limescale and the development of smells in a very short time! However, the highlight number one remains: NEVER USE MANUAL PUMPS AGAIN 

Ferdinand Pongracz, HiEdison Wien:

"Core service at HiEdison is personal EMS training! It is essential that our coaches are able to fully dedicate themselves to the needs of our customers and to training support! We use the EMS Sprayer for time-saving preparation of the electrodes. The filling and inflating required with classic pump spray bottles is completely eliminated and we only need a fraction of the time to spray our electrodes! Optically, the LED-illuminated EMS sprayer fits perfectly into our studio ambience. The investment for the EMS Sprayer is also considerably lower than the costs for an alternative spray hose with a fixed water connection to the domestic installation! 


Roy Epple, Bodystreet Leonberg:

"We heard about the EMS Sprayer from an acquaintance and were quite skeptical at first.

We had another model before, but it is no longer on the market.

The EMS Sprayer makes our daily work much easier and offers our members, due to the extra heating, an extremely comfortable feeling when applying the electrodes. We are absolutely satisfied and the investment has been well worth it in all aspects. Many thanks to Achim Oertel and good luck for the future".

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